• First Christian Church offers a blended worship service that combines both contemporary and traditional music, biblical preaching, and weekly communion. We offer Sunday School opportunities for all ages. We are associated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the North Texas Area of the Christian Church in the Southwest
  • "The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) proclaims Jesus as Lord, draws its inspiration from Scripture and the Holy Spirit, witnesses and serves among the whole human family, acknowledges that Christian unity and Christian mission are inseparable, and claims as its particular mission the quest for the reunion of the Body of Christ, celebrating weekly around the Lord's Table the life, death, resurrection, and continuing presence of its Lord."

  • Kenneth Teegarden, 20th Century Disciples General Minister and President

We are a small church!

Why consider a small church?

1. Everyone knows everyone

2. Church truly feels like an extended family.

3. Your church family is interested in your needs and looks forward to seeing you on Sundays.

4. We do change things to accommodate each other’s needs…and often say, ‘we may not be doing what you want this Sunday but wait until next Sunday it will be your turn!’

5. Everyone is important; whether holding an office, teaching, or being a student, each and every person’s gifts are valued.

6. Everyone is needed…being little everyone is asked to choose his/her spot to shine!

7. Since we are a small church, everyone gets lots of ‘turns’. Your children will love this. We have plenty for them to do.

8. We remember God has provided many Biblical stories that show the value of the least of these – so we do not worry about numbers…BUT

9. When we have a visitor they are truly important to us and we will go out of our way to make them feel at home.

10. When you’re a small church, growing is noticeable and fun. Come be a part of our growth spree!!

Summertime is casual dress time!